Community Ministries Projects

CGM’s Community Ministries Projects are initiatives our staff are involved in that align with their individual gifts, abilities, and passions. And while they start in parallel with our focus on youth development, sometimes they end up becoming much bigger, to the point that they become their own 501(c)(3) non-profits. Sometimes they’re just a class a staff member teaches for a few semesters to some of the students in our programs. Sometimes it’s just a lot of support our staff lends to other community individuals that are growing their own programs. And sometimes those programs grow so much on their own they don’t need our help anymore.

We never know what the outcome of the individual initiatives will be, but we give our staff the freedom to experiment and see what thrives. The reality is that everything has its season and CGM is not the answer for everything, but we’re glad to partner with and support and cheer on those who would see our community and city grow.