kevin king

Kevin is the Associate Director of Common Ground Montgomery. He is in charge of the Mentor Program,  and is the former Program Director for the After School Program. 

Kevin is a native of Mobile, Alabama, and his wife, Nicole, is a native of Chicago, Illinois. Kevin and Nicole met and married while Kevin was a student at Tuskegee University and Nicole was a student at Alabama State University.

Before joining the staff of CGM, Kevin was employed by UPS for five and a half years in Montgomery, Alabama. While living in Montgomery, the Kings began to develop a passion for under-served communities as they observed the conditions in those communities.

They witnessed a pattern of drugs, generational poverty, addictions, and broken family structures along with social injustices, and racial tension. They believe they are called by their Savior to live in the Washington Park neighborhood to love, serve, minister, and enter into the sufferings of others for the purpose of transformation and redemption.

They feel called to be a part of a discipleship-centered ministry that will raise leaders in all areas of their community.