leadership development program

The Leadership Development Program is an after-school development program designed to provide a curriculum centered on creating leaders out of our students as well as to provide a safe haven for them. We serve students in the Washington Park, Gibbs Village, and Western Hills communities. Our goal is to enrich their lives to empower them to conquer the unique challenges of their community and pioneer a victorious culture. 

We focus on three areas to help develop students to be future leaders: academic, social, and spiritual growth.

FALL 2017

Volunteer: There are several spots available to sign up for, and our volunteer coordinator has each activity needing a volunteer blocked out in the schedule located on the SignUp.com site: SIGN UP

SPRING 2018 & SUMMER 2018

Volunteer: Check back later.

Using the above link, all you need to do next is enter an email address (you will not need to register an account on SignUp.com) and then choose your spots on the calendar. If you would prefer to not use your email address through that site, please contact Sheree Burns by using the CONTACT FORM or call our main office at 334.593.5803, and Sheree will sign you up manually.

If you would like a PDF version of the application to the CGM Leadership Program to print and fill out on your own, click the button below.