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The reality is that life for most of the kids from our community involves abandonment on many levels. Chaos, lack of stability, and an extreme absence of fathers in the community create a very tough environment for our youth to grow up in.

Our mentoring initiative pairs up caring Christians from the Montgomery community with the kids of our neighborhood. The mentors and kids are matched when the kids enter into 4th grade, and the commitment carries on through to the student's graduation from high school.

This is obviously a HUGE commitment on the mentor’s part! We make no apologies for this as these types of commitments are vital in supporting the kids and the families of our community.

These relationships are not meant to replace parents and families, but to come along side those parents and families as a partner and support to them. As one mentee’s mother has stated, “It is amazing to know that someone else out there is rooting for my child!”

If you are currently a mentor within our program and need to file you monthly report, please click the button below to update the mentor program director.