other programs

CGM has had various on and off again programs since its inception. These are dependent on staff and volunteer availability. If you would ever like to help in any of these, or perhaps in one we don't have listed, it never hurts to let our volunteer coordinator know. 

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Throughout the years there have been various boys basketball teams that we've either had join YMCA leagues or in our own sponsored league.


For a spell we had our own girls cheer squad that would perform at basketball games or at local cheer competitions.

Entrepreneurship Training (t-shirts)

Making t-shirts was our big attempt at teaching principles of entrepreneurship to our high school students. While making t-shirts is no longer one of our programs, we're always looking for new ways to ignite a passion for local community economic development.


Depending on both staff availability and volunteers, we have done some urban gardening on the side of our property as a way to teach not only about plants, but about patience and work.