Roughly half of all young women and men enter their marriage bed having given away the gift of their virginity. And at a growing rate, many of them have had multiple partners. In discussions of teen sex, much is said about the dangers of pregnancy and disease but far less about the emotional hazards. The destructive psychological consequences of temporary sexual relationships are very real. Being aware of them can help a young person make the right decision to refrain from premature sexual involvement both to avoid getting hurt and to avoid hurting someone else. 


In a culture that teaches loving the creation (sex) is better than the Creator, it is a must that we train and equip the next generation in what it means to live pure and sensible lives before the Lord. The number of sexual active pre-teen and teens in the inner city is growing, and as ambassadors for Christ our desire is to preach the truth and freedom found in the gospel. We want to affirm the dignity of those created in the image of God in hopes that they (by the power of the Holy Spirit) will choose to live pure in ALL areas of their lives not just sexually. In addition to this, we also want to affirm and empower parents to be an example of purity. Whether single or married, we want our parents to know how THEY represent, speak, and/ or live out marriage, sex, love before their children will mold what they do and the choices they make. With God'ss grace this task is possible to take on even with  all the difficulty it brings. We see God already making this model possible as many new marriages have sprung up in our small community. 

THE APPLICATION: (tentative schedule) 

Youth will be broken up into small bible study groups over a period of 8 weeks. They will be encouraged and taught on what it means to live pure in all areas of their lives, reminding them of the hope found in the gospel and helping them form  a healthy, biblical vision for family, friends, future children, and marriage. 

  • Common Ground Montgomery 5th Purity Study: TBD 
  • Purity Ball celebration: TBD 
  • Because many inner city kids have a hard time connecting dots, every year we take a real life example of an indigenous couple (from Washington Park) who either want to get married or who are already married (or want to renew their vows)  and give them the opportunity before the community to vow their love before our kids and friends. 
  • The example couple will go through 8 weeks of marriage counseling prior to the Purity Ball. 

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