srm commitment and finalization form

Please only fill this form out once you have prayerfully considered and have an understanding of the commitment of attending the SRM 2016 project. Entering your name at the bottom will be your electronic signature to let us know of your attendance.

What date will you arrive in Montgomery? *
What date will you arrive in Montgomery?
Will you bring transportation to Alabama *
Are you committed to raising financial support? *
Do you play an instrument of any kind? *
Will you please bring your instrument if at all possible?
(Singing, dancing, organized sports, poetry, rapping, sewing, walking on your hands, etc) Please elaborate on your experience in these areas.
This does not guarantee you will be placed with this grade group
I know that the SRM will be a challenging summer and I will be there! I understand that I will be responsible to raise at least $1,500 to cover lodging, 3 meals a day for 9 weeks, weekly activities and some weekend social group activities along with household necessities like cleaning supplies, toilet tissue, and other household junk that I really need... Please choose the option that applies to you.
Name *
I understand that by typing my beautiful name in the next field that I am agreeing to actually show up and abide by all CGM policies and procedures. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT THIS FORM IF YOU ARE NOT 100% CERTAIN. WE PLAN OUR SUMMER BASED ON YOUR COMMITMENT.