Interns! One last thing for CGM to close out your experience in the summer program; it's evaluation time! 

I know you're super excited.

Like you just got a pickled egg from the Triangle Store... 

This evaluation is long, and there is no "save" or "save for later" feature. It's all or nothing. The evaluation is also anonymous, so that you can have the freedom to say what you really think and not worry about Kevin giving you dirty looks the next time he sees you! (Okay, he probably wouldn't even if he did know it was you.) 

The evaluation process really helps us in making sure that we're being faithful to you with the investment of your time and energy while you're here. It is greatly appreciated. 

SRM 2015 Online Evaluation

Communication Before Arrival at CGM
Arrival and orientation
Including tours, talks, testimonies, etc
Perhaps different timing, something that should be excluded altogether, other things we could have added, etc
Summer camp experience and program bible study with kids
Whether it's additions or exclusions, like more small group time, intern testimonies, more prep time, etc
Intern Spiritual Development
Perhaps more "Quiet Time", better development times, accountability groups, etc
Conflict Resolution
Whether it's with staff, kids, interns - please explain
Overall Summer Experience
On a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being "the worst" and 10 being "the best", please rate your overall summer experience with CGM
Self Evaluation
CGM Talks by Bryan Kelly
(1.) Good Samaritan, (2.) Good Samaritan 2, (3.) Mercy, (4.) Justice, (5.) Racial reconciliation, (6.) Deference construct, (7.) Ministering from weakness, (8.) Redemptive suffering, (9.) Emotionally healthy spirituality 1, (10.) Emotionally healthy spirituality 2, (11.) Emotionally healthy spirituality 3, (12.) Emotional healthy spirituality 4, (13.) Held up by the love of God, (14.) Kingdom of God 1-3, (15.) Kingdom of God 4-6, (16.) Prayer - development of maturity, (17.) Lectio Divina/ listening prayer, (18.) Prayer and sanctification, (19.) Listening prayer / concerning summer.