summer resident mission

I’ve grown more spiritually in the past two months than I probably have in the past year and a half.
— Mary V., Auburn University student

The CGM Summer Resident Mission is a nine-week missions and training opportunity on the West Side of Montgomery, Alabama.

You will live, serve, learn, and grow with other college students and neighborhood friends in a neighborhood that is under-resourced and stressed in many ways.

You will help run an eight-week summer camp during the day that consists of about 100 neighborhood children between the ages of 6-18. You will have an opportunity to lead them in daily small group Bible studies and character development training while also engaging in sports, community service, field trips, music, and other fun activities with them throughout the summer.

Where I spent the best summer of my life.
— Murilo S., Master's College student

The staff and college students will have a corporate devotional (separate from your personal time alone with God) before we gather with the children every morning.

Three evenings during the week the CGM staff will develop you in the areas concerning theological training focused on God’s heart for mercy, justice, racial reconciliation, and practical application of God’s Word. You will also have free time available and planned socials for fun and fellowship, and other activities during the week and on the weekends.

This demanding, yet challenging environment creates a great environment for you to have a life transforming experience that further equips you to live out the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. You will participate in our vision of long-term transformation through outreach and discipleship of those who live in a stressed an under-resourced neighborhood.

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