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vickie wadsworth

Vickie is the receptionist and a administrative assistant. She is a native of Montgomery, Alabama, growing up in the Gibbs Village area, where she graduated from Carver High School. She earned a diploma of nursing from Trenholm Technical College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Faulkner in May 2015. She is married to Nicklaus Wadsworth, an active airman in the United States Air National Guard, who is also a native of Montgomery, Alabama. She is the fifth of seven siblings, the mother of one son, Rodney Talley II, and the grandmother of four: Iviona, Arri’Yana, Derryona, and Camron.

Vickie is currently a member of Glory to God Church. She was ordained at Hutchinson Missionary Baptist Church in April of 2015. Since then she started Beauty of Knowledge Deliverance Ministry (B.O.K.), which allows her to be able to be a life coach to women and young girls, helping them to see Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and embrace their beauty through the Word of God. She has a passion for prayer and impacting the lives of women and young girls which is fulfilled through church involvement, community involvement and also being a mentor. One of her goals through prayer and as a life coach is to emphasize, “I did then what I knew to do, now that I know better I do better.” She is currently serving as an associate minister at Glory to God Church and chairperson of the intercessory prayer ministry.