about common ground montgomery

Because of the cyclical and systemic issues that plague impoverished neighborhoods across America, it’s an anomaly for youth in these communities to find long-term success. To help change the odds for these youth in west Montgomery, CGM provides academic and social programs throughout the year, while connecting them with resources and mentors from the greater Montgomery, Alabama, area.

Started in 2006, CGM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-denominational Christian community organization located in the Washington Park community. Our primary focus is on youth development and leadership through after school programs, camps, and mentoring. We also pursue community initiatives (like housing renovation, adult financial literacy, emergency food needs, etc) and some of these have spun off into their own 501(c)(3) non-profits. Within all of these we pursue cross-cultural relationships and racial reconciliation because the reality for youth in west Montgomery stems from more than just momentary socioeconomic disadvantages.

With our network of donors and volunteers, we hope to not just help a few students beat the odds, we hope to change the odds for them and future generations.

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the vision & mission of cgm


Our Vision is to see a renovated, thriving community in Washington Park that has strong, godly leadership, intact two-parent families, cares for the underprivileged, poor, and marginalized, and becomes an incubator for gospel-created, cross-cultural relationships that transform Montgomery and beyond. 


Our Mission is to revitalize the Washington Park community and transform the city of Montgomery and beyond, to the glory of God, through:

  • 1. Building leaders from youth through long-term mentorship, biblical discipleship, and developmental programs.

  • 2. Creating an umbrella of Christian community development partners that focus on neighborhood transformation.

  • 3. Teaching principles of unity and change through the Common Ground Institute.