who we are

Common Ground Montgomery is a non-profit, community development organization located in Montgomery, Alabama. The mission of CGM is to revitalize the Washington Park community. Started in 2006, CGM is a non-denominational Christian ministry that focuses on youth development and leadership, after school programs and camps, mentoring, community initiatives, and cross-cultural relationships and racial reconciliation. CGM has spun off one community initiative, a housing renovation and adult financial literacy organization, that has become its own non-profit. CGM’s most recent community initiative is focused on providing food, a clothes closet, showers, and clothes washing capabilities to families and individuals in need. 

the vision & mission of common ground montgomery


Our Vision is to see a renovated, thriving community in Washington Park that has strong, godly leadership, intact two-parent families, cares for the underprivileged, poor, and marginalized, and becomes an incubator for gospel-created, cross-cultural relationships that transform Montgomery and beyond. 


Our Mission is to revitalize the Washington Park community and transform the city of Montgomery and beyond, to the glory of God, through:

  • 1. Building leaders from urban youth through long-term mentorship, biblical discipleship, and developmental programs.
  • 2. Creating an umbrella of Christian community development partners that focus on neighborhood transformation.
  • 3. Teaching principles of unity and change through the Common Ground Institute.