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unsafe community conference

An invitation from Bryan Kelly:

To be honest, I have wanted to quit many times. In fact, I have quit many times; at least, in my mind and in my heart. And sometimes and in some things I find myself revived to risk again, but in new ways and with new hope. In that spirit, I would like to invite you to attend the UNSAFE Conference as one, like you maybe, who sometimes finds myself in a numb, homogeneous, rote Christianity. 
What if there is more? What if there is more than the sometimes mechanical building attendance balanced between so many to-do lists and obligations. Let's have an honest, risky dialogue about the distance between our lives and the wonder we read about in the Bible. Maybe, just maybe, God will meet us there and sweetly lead us out of this numbness - together.  
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What: The first UNSAFE conference will focus on the risks and potential suffering that come with choosing to cross boundaries to love across racial, cultural, and economic lines versus the risk of simply not doing it. Which is the bigger risk? Which will have more devastating effects on us, our families, our churches, our city, and the glory of God?

The conference will be a half day conference and will include two plenary teachings and a choice of two seminars between the plenaries. 

Plenary #1 -  introduction, exploration of the "good Samaritan" story for Montgomery Christianity, and the reality of suffering in ministry.

Plenary #2 - The power and hope for real survival, thriving, personal transformation, and eternal impact through suffering in ministry across boundaries.

When: May 4, 2013 (and once a quarter after that)

Cost: $15 per person, $10 per person if registering in groups of four or more

Online registration is required.