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2013 summer camp comes to a close

It's that time of the summer when the bus and vans are going to finally get a rest; it's the end of our Summer Camp. 

There have been fun times, and hard times, good times, and sad times. As the kids are on the bus coming back from Camp Blue Lake and as our college interns prepare to go back home tomorrow, thanks to everyone that helped make this Summer Camp happen. 

Maybe you prayed, maybe you gave money, maybe you volunteered, maybe you got the interns a meal, maybe you loved on one of our staff, maybe you did any number of things; regardless, whether you planted, watered, or harvested, you've invested in the kingdom of God in Washington Park and Montgomery, Alabama. Theological intellectual assent aside on that, you loved on us, our community, and our kids and we hope that in some small way (or even a big way, we'd like that, too) you met and sat with our most gracious savior who "makes something beautiful out of dust" and "makes something beautiful out of us". 

Thanks for walking with us as we try to walk with Jesus.