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praying with my team


One of the many things that goes unappreciated by me, and I assume many of my co-workers, is the fact that we can openly and unashamedly share our faith whenever we want. Not only can we share our faith, but we also can exercise the disciplines and outward expressions of that faith. We get to stop and pray on the clock and it's not only tolerated, but encouraged.

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I can’t say that I've worked anywhere else where that has been the case. Here (no matter what our personal denominational beliefs, our race, gender, or political backgrounds) we all believe that Jesus hears us when we call out to Him. We are united on the "common ground" of the resurrection of our savior and the fact that He has empowered us to accomplish His will on earth.

In this line of work there are so many discouraging things that take place on a daily basis. Personal family issues, unruly behavior of the kids, financial concerns, and the like, can all place an unwarranted feeling of anxiety on us if we forget what has already been appropriated for us through Jesus and the work of Holy Spirit in our lives. He is with us! He is for us! And, He brought us here!

At no time is that more apparent than when we as a staff pray together and for one another. In prayer it becomes obvious within moments that God is at work not only in our individual lives, but in the lives of the people around us. It gives solidarity to our efforts, and a new perspective. Prayer lifts your head out of the trenches of battle and allows for you to rise into a birds-eye view of your circumstances. God allows you to ascend and see the bigger picture so that when you descend, your heart is aligned with what He has shown you. It's cool to do that alone, but its power is magnified when done with others.

What a privilege to be able to pray with my team. It's one of the many things I overlook and disregard, not understanding the gift that it really is.