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another phone call home


During the course of a week, I make a lot of phone calls home to parents. Unfortunately, the majority of those calls are for disciplinary reasons.  

“Ms. So-and-So, your son was fighting today.” 

“Ms. So-and-So, your daughter was disrespectful to her teacher.”

However, I recently made a phone call that was quite different. In fact, it made my day and I believe it warmed the heart of a mother towards her child. Let me explain.

For weeks, I seemed to be calling a particular mother about her daughter’s behavior. She was being - how should I say it - “a handful”!  No written warning, verbal chastening, or suspension could curtail her obstinacy. However, a tough conversation took place where mom and I instructed the little lady on all of the ways that good behavior could behoove her in the future and ultimately, bring glory to God. And it was as if a switch flipped! The young girl returned to the program with a new and better attitude. Her behavior was much improved—so much so that she began to work with her teacher as one of the leaders in her class! I was so proud. And I made a decision to do something—something familiar, but different!

“I was going to call her mom!”

A jubilant, proud parent received my news with smiles and laughter that was palpable! She admitted that she initially thought that her daughter was in trouble when she saw “Common Ground Montgomery” on her caller ID.

You see, I (like countless others) am quick to point out and report bad news. But this was a time to celebrate and communicate good news. Though she knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that I would call home if she was being unruly, the young lady could not believe that I had called her mom … for being good!!!

A mother and daughter were encouraged!    

I was encouraged!  

1 Thessalonians 5:11  Therefore encourage one another and build one another up!