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a lesson learned


The heftiest Alaskan Bull Moose with the largest and strongest antlers often triumphs during the fall breeding season. However, it is what the animal consumes during the summer months that allow it to bulk up for betterment. Consequently, the battle fought in the fall is really won during the summer.

During the course of our Summer Camp at Common Ground Montgomery, we believe the same to be true with our kids. We strive to incorporate a good balance of academic work and contagious fun nearly every day of the week. We have created a curriculum that sharpens math and reading skills. In addition, there are countless electives and field trips that take learning beyond the classroom — allowing for an education that is hands-on and memorable!  

You see, we know that the fall season will be upon us before we know it — in fact, we only have one month remaining in the Summer Camp — bringing with it all of the challenges of a brand new school year. And the fight for passing grades and the hard work needed for success in learning will not catch us off guard. Why? Because we know what the Alaskan Bull Moose has taught us; namely, the battle fought in the fall is really won during the summer!

Please pray for our team — staff and interns — and our youth, as well, as we push on with the remaining weeks of the summer.