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on "the children network"


This new school semester working at Common Ground Montgomery has been the best, by far. And not only in working at CGM, but in being around the new school, Valiant Cross. I have been teaching for years that King David, in Psalm 100, was telling us to find out what noises the Lord likes to hear and then to make them. I believe that we are on God's favorite station now: "The Children Network." 

I get to see the answer to many, many years of prayers now being fulfilled in the Washington Park Community. I get a chance every day to hear joyful noises out of the mouths of babes. I hear generational curses being broken through the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

I see young men unraveling potential they didn't know they had through math and science. I see books and reading becoming their friends and companions transporting them into places they only dreamed about, far beyond the destructive influences of their physical realities. I see Technology being used by them instead of using them. Instead of technology paralyzing them, I see it motivating and causing them to reach for new heights. 

I hear chains falling from the future of a new generation of men. I hear the sound of freedom coming, and it is a page turning in the after school tutoring program. I see fallow ground being broken up and walls being broken down by love, kindness and accountability. 

I get a chance to see hope in its infancy.  

I watch it being planted. 

I see every day what faith truly is. I see that faith is the ingredients or substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. I see young scholars with hope in their hearts for things they have never seen before, now with the ingredients they believe will make those things come to pass. I see boys wanting to become men, and I mean God fearing men that will raise their sons, protect their daughters, love their wives, and provide for their families. 
The noise I hear is not the old neighborhood train of drug dealers, high school dropouts, gangbangers and fatherless homes,  but it is the noise of men coming up who will take  lead and not follow the crowd but change their surroundings. 

I believe dreams come from the work you do. I can see after a hard day's work at Valiant Cross Academy that young boys' dreams are changing.  

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" is the new dream. 

I see a new brotherhood being formed that neither heights nor depths, pride nor selfish gain will break. 

"Who's got your back? I got your back I got your back, Bro!" 

I hear a new sound: "Excuses! No, we don't make those."  

"Work: anything worth having is worth working for."

Valiant Cross Academy is a place where young men will Rise Above!