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fall 2014 after school program volunteer needs

We are VERY excited to announce that we will be partnering with Sylvan Learning Center. Sylvan will help us to assess our students and from there they create learning plans that are specific to every child's learning needs. We are so excited about this and are confident that Sylvan can help our students to academically successful.

With this being said, we are going to ask for some very specific volunteer needs that will help comply with our schedule and help the kids gain all that they can from the program.

• Monday 5 P.M. - 6:15 P.M. — We are looking for volunteers to help us create an atmosphere of learning while they help the kids with homework, reading books, and learning games on the computer.

• Tuesday and/ or Thursday 5 P.M. - 6:15 P.M. — There are “alternative” electives that we have set up for the kids, but this would be a great time for anyone who is able to teach an elective class on one or both days with the kids.

• Wednesday 5 P.M. - 6:15 P.M. — We are looking for individuals who can commit for the semester to lead a bible study.

• Friday 4 P.M. - 6:15 P.M. — We are using Friday's as a fun time to hang out and fellowship with the kids. We are asking groups (larger than at least 6) to help us plan our Fun Friday activities! If you or your organization would like to sign up for a Fun Friday it can look many different ways. We have a large school bus and a driver so you can plan an off campus field trip or a fun day at Common Ground. The options are limitless.

If you would like to help us out in any of these areas, please contact Ava Conley by using the CONTACT FORM or call our main office at 334.593.5803.